Each year, our partner teams who manage development programs around the world submit their annual report. They include program partner reflections for that year and their plans for the next. Those reports include reflections from local staff members.

Here is just a sample of the 2021 program partner reflections, and their hopes for the future.

Rashmi M. - Program Coordinator, Ministry of Good SamaritanProgram Partner Reflections from India

Rashmi M. – Program Coordinator, Ministry of Good Samaritan

“I am grateful to OI for the support of 2021. This year was a mixture of joy and sorrow. I am happy despite the COVID situation. We are able to perform our task[s] because of good team support on the [Ministry of Good Samaritan] level and OI [Outreach International] level. I appreciate the Field Operations Manager and Mentor for their continuous support. 2021 was challenging for us. But the work was taken care of by the [Community-Based Organization] leaders in the FPLs [Field Project Locations]. Those leaders are well trained by our HDFs [Human Development Facilitators]. I am happy that 4 FPLs graduated and 3 FPLs entered into phasing over. Also, two FPLs entered into consolidation stage, and PHD [Participatory Human Development] expanded to 5 new communities.”

Renan P. - Human Development Facilitator (HDF), Outreach Philippines, Inc. (OPI)

Nancy (OPI Trainer & Mentor) and Renan (Human Development Facilitator)

Program Partner Reflections from Philippines

Renan P. – Human Development Facilitator (HDF), Outreach Philippines, Inc. (OPI)

“2021 was a very tough year [for] everyone because of [the] pandemic, in which all of us are facing fear while doing [our] job. … As a father and community worker, I am happy that I am able to serve the people in the community. I can do this while supporting my family, even though planned activities in the community are very hard to facilitate because of the [COVID] restrictions. I am hoping that, in the midst of this situation, there is still a bright tomorrow for all of us. We will continue to help the community with all the necessary preventive measures to ensure the safety of everyone. We know we can towards a bright tomorrow because life must go on, no matter the situation.”

Program Partner Reflections from Nepal

Shanti S. - Program Coordinator, Lakasa Nepal

Shanti S. – Program Coordinator, Lakasa Nepal

“2021 has been a successful year. We achieved most of the targets, despite many challenges. I am inspired to see the progress in the FPLs. I feel happy and proud when [Community-Based Organizations] express in their reflections that “Lakasa has supported us in a different way, and we are becoming capable of running our organizations ourselves.”

We have experienced that challenges come with opportunities. We just need to grab them. With all of these new experiences, I am developing my confidence alongside my confident team members. We may be facing more challenges in the coming years, but I am very hopeful and positive that we can overcome such challenges and achieve our targets together!

Pictured left to right: Ricardo, Juan, Lenin, Bayardo, Mario

Pictured left to right: Ricardo, Juan, Lenin, Bayardo, Mario

Program Partner Reflections from Nicaragua

Lenin R. – Human Development Facilitator, Alcance Nicaragua (AN)

“I personally think that despite the situation we are currently experiencing in the world, we have been able to move forward [and] meet our objectives. Thank God and our partner OI/AN who have provided us with the necessary tools to be able to continue our work in the safest and most efficient way possible during this pandemic. I only have to commit myself more to my work and the people… to continue being an agent of change and thus contribute a grain of sand for the… community. I hope that, as a team, we can continue to be united and support each other to be stronger and more effective in our work every day. Thank you all.”

A Difficult Year Ends In Success

These 2021 Partner Reflections are just three of the many success stories we proudly received to include in the Outreach International 2021 Annual Report. Our partners facilitated, and community members persevered through yet another year of difficult circumstances, and let nothing stand in the way of achieving their desired and deserved development goals.
The work they do is truly amazing, life-changing, and can last for generations. Our Community-Development process, which we refer to as Participatory Human Development, is unique, tested, and proven successful again and again, project success after project success. And, as you can read in the Outreach International 2021 Annual Report, practice leads development, local expertise, and ultimately to independent prosperity.

How to Help

If you’re inspired by these program partner reflections, be sure to read the Outreach International 2021 Annual Report. You’ll love the stories of success from communities and our amazing donors as much as we do. And you can donate here.