Disclaimer: This is a small story with big implications about a community garden in Bolivia (and lots of great photos)!

Recently, leaders from three separate communities in Bolivia came together with a simple, powerful plan: requesting LOTS of plants for their communities, practicing responsible cultivation, and then documenting the results with data and photos. These plants — which are tailored to the colder weather of the region — will be a sustainable, efficient source of food and income for the more than 600 members of the communities who will benefit from the community garden in Bolivia.

Sustainable Cultivation

Now they have access to more abundance, better nutrition, and enough surplus to sell some vegetables for income. They took on the challenge of problem-solving. They completed the hard work of planting and cultivating. Now their efforts are paying off. This is the kind of straightforward seed of an idea that’ll sprout into something special — check out the community garden in Bolivia!

How to Help

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