Darrell Ward, president of Safe Water Plus, has made the most of his enthusiastic partnership with our program partners in Nicaragua. Since 2017, nearly 500 water filters have been distributed to schools and homes in 13 communities under his leadership. This is in collaboration with Rotary Club, and is benefiting 4,350 people!

Safe Water Plus Partners with Nicaragua

Darrell isn’t just an expert in coordinating and commitment to ensuring clean, safe water for all. He has also helped arrange for 495 heads of households to receive instruction on best hygienic practices. This means he can maximize the water filters’ benefit on the lives of each recipient household. Darrell’s dedication is truly something special. There’s obvious material benefits of his efforts for recipients. And on top of that, more than 100 Outreach-affiliated community leaders from Nicaragua have joined him to help inspire their neighbors. In other words, their focus is to continue to improve their water quality through organized, community-led development.

More In Store

Beyond these incredible feats, he also has more in store for 2020. And we can’t wait to share more of his amazing work with you as it continues to change lives, drop by drop. Thank you, Safe Water Plus!

How to Help

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