Volunteer Love | Appreciate Volunteers | Outreach InternationalOutreach’s love for our volunteers is as boundless as their generosity of spirit, which is one of the reasons we can’t help but dote on them whenever we have a plum excuse like National Volunteer Week. In an earlier blog post, we shared some of the many highlights and milestones accomplished by our volunteer network, but we thought it was worth soliciting further inspiration from some of these wonderful folks to pass along to you.

To the delight of all of us here at Outreach HQ, when we asked “Why do you volunteer for Outreach?” we had plenty of volunteers ready to share their reflections.

From our beloved, dependable volunteers at Outreach HQ to our far-flung network around the world, every response we received brought joy to our hearts:

“I volunteer for Outreach because I believe in their mission and their approach to sustainability for families, communities and the environment. Volunteering with others brings a great feeling of camaraderie and fun!” Diane S.

“I volunteer for Outreach because I believe in the process it uses to help people help themselves. I have witnessed their process unfolding in a village meeting, as the people are guided to identify what they need and how they can solve their problems. There are many worthwhile organizations out there that I could give my resources and time to, but I feel like Outreach’s model [is] the best way of doing things [in terms of] in administration, costs, and sustainable life changes. Thank you for the opportunity.” Diane P.

“I cannot go to the places in need, but by volunteering along with others, I feel I can make a difference.” Judy P.

“I love my volunteer work and the people I work with while volunteering at Outreach International! Probably my favorite thing about Outreach International is that they work to eliminate poverty in the world by helping others help themselves. The people Outreach help have a sense of worth and accomplishment in whatever project they are working on whether it be digging a new water well or organizing a small business to sell homemade items. It’s wonderful to volunteer for an organization that is making a real difference in our world!” Rozanne D.

“I volunteer because the Outreach Program is a lasting solution that gives ownership to that community and is a model for others.” Jerry N.

“I love that their administrative costs are kept low and they are right there with answers and assistance for their volunteers! Of course, [my husband] Jerry and I love volunteering for Outreach because they have a program that we believe in!” Vivian N.

“I’ve been an Outreach office volunteer for about 12 years. I first started coming because Outreach International originated with one of our church leaders, and I liked thinking that I was honoring my roots, as well as supporting an organization whose values and philosophy I believed in. I feel as though my in-person service is my way to help Outreach directly, saving them time and money that can be used to help others.” Jay S.

“I rejoice when I know people are being helped to help themselves.” Betty W.

And those are just the responses for which we had room. Thanks to everyone who chimed in, and a overall general thank-you to every single one of our precious volunteers. You make our days brighter, and make our work more effective!

How To Help

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