HDF in India meets with community member

Community in India installs solar powered street lightsThe work done by our partners in the field and the local community groups they collaborate with can take many forms depending on the unique challenges they face. Sometimes their challenge is a lack of convenient access to safe water. Sometimes it’s a lack of education opportunities for both children and adults. In this case, it was darkness, and the solution was solar powered street lights.

Through persistent communication and guidance, our Human Development Facilitators (HDFs) help these groups. They teach them to organize and identify the issues that keep them from further development.

Community Collaboration

An excellent example comes from a community partner, Bimala from the Kulicamp Village in India. She described that a major issue in her community was a lack of adequate lighting at night.

Using our process of Participatory Human Development, she and other members of her community collaborated, identified the issue, mobilized to solve it, and met with a resource agency to install solar powered street lights in the village.

Solar (em)Powered

The best part? Now that they’ve gone through the process once, she and her peers are confident and excited to have solar powered street lights installed again and again.

That’s what we call a bright idea! 💡

How to Help

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