Outreach’s Volunteer Network is a Blessing for All

Volunteers | National Volunteer Week | Outreach InternationalOutreach runs on the spirit of volunteerism. At all levels of our work to eliminate chronic poverty worldwide are people who take on tasks and responsibilities with no direct personal benefit, specifically because they know that personal benefit is inherent in the act of service for others.

Our constellation of volunteers lights up points across the globe — generous, dedicated women, men, boys, and girls, giving their energy and free time supporting Outreach and exemplifying the beautiful truth that together, we can build a better world.

As National Volunteer Week approaches, Outreach is proud to share just a few of the many examples of our volunteers’ extraordinary grace and ingenuity. We couldn’t do any of this without you!

Chris Lomen rollerbladed his way down the often-rocky incline faced by other recent college graduates, setting off on a 4,200-mile journey to raise money for Outreach-affiliated schools in Haiti still in need of repair after the ruinous earthquake in 2010. Between sponsorships, regular online updates of his progress, and sharing news of Outreach’s work along his route, Chris raised thousands for reconstruction efforts.

Kathleen Paco Cadman and her father, Robert Cadman, have crisscrossed North America on multiple occasions, Pedaling for Pennies on their bikes, as sponsors pledge a penny-per-mile.

Runners like Jay Rodgers and walkers like members of the Grove City CofC congregation have also covered untold miles of pavement to raise money for Outreach. They know better than most that accomplishing our shared goal is a marathon, not a race.

Our annual Summit Challenge participants have raised tens of thousands of dollars over the last few summers, scaling 14,000 mountains all over Colorado and pushing fundraising to new heights.

Roy Edwards found himself in the unique position of not only owning a plane, but also owning enough planes that he didn’t need them all. Once the paperwork from the sale of his spare plane (!) was complete, he sent the proceeds to Outreach (though not via Air Mail).

Sharing airspace with Roy was Glenn Carlisle, a longtime Outreach supporter who ranks among our most dedicated and (charmingly) fervent advocates through his “Kans for Kids” recycling collection program while on terra firma. Away from home, Glenn never missed an opportunity to share his cause with flight attendants, requesting all the empty soft drink cans from flights for recycling, so he could maximize the time he was able to spend raising money and awareness for Outreach’s work.

Ray Latham spent a few years scaling the steep staircases of Kauffman Stadium as a food vendor at Kansas City Royals games, donating all his tips to Outreach. “People always tipped 50% more when they knew about the cause,” he told us.

Audrey Birks family and friends honored her birthday wishes and raised thousands of dollars for Outreach during her party, making her 90th year as much of a blessing to the world as the previous 89 were.

Outreach HQ runs as well as it does because of the reliable team of volunteers who brighten our days on a, uh, daily basis. Whatever needs doing gets done (with bright smiles, to boot!).

These are just a few of the countless wonderful, committed people spreading news of Outreach’s work to their families, friends, and communities. Their work supports the rest of our mission — through monetary gifts, but more importantly, through enduring trust and service in the name of a world free of poverty. Thank you all so much.

How To Help

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