What is Isolation Motivation?

What’s easier than getting motivated? STAYING motivated! Outreach donors Brenda and Dan set up their very own 18-week “Isolation Motivation” program for their family and friends to stay active for a good cause, which kicked off on Thanksgiving and runs through Easter!

How It Works

Isolation MotivationTheir plan is beautiful in its simplicity and elegant in its application: Each of the 17 (and counting!) participants set a personalized exercise goal, and pledged a certain amount of money per day of exercise (up to five days a week), ranging from a quarter to $5. Weekly workout totals are submitted to Brenda, who keeps track of everyone’s progress and donation amounts, as everyone jockeys for position to be among the top three participants. The three players with the highest totals by Easter each earn a prize (beyond better health, we mean) for their dedication and effort. At the end, Brenda and Dan have pledged to share the proceeds with Outreach!

Between their great idea and hefty roster of participants, the endless benefits of exercise, and the unlimited empowerment donations like theirs represent to our community partners worldwide, it’s like a plate of delicious four-layer nachos shared with the whole world. Thanks to all involved!


How to Help

Build your own personal fundraiser or create one through Facebook and join Brenda and Dan in the fight to end poverty today!