2020 was quite a year. For all its challenges, we found continual inspiration from the resilience, dedication, and bravery of our community partners. And as always, we found hope from the generosity of Outreach’s donors. Take one last look at all the bright spots that shaped our year.

Our Proudest Moments of 2020

  • We hosted Outreach’s first-ever pickleball tournament at Chicken N’ Pickle! We got news crews to cover it!
  • A little while later, in March, our collaborations became virtual. Everyone worked from home due to the shut-down.
Outreach virtual meetings during COVID shutdown
  • Then, our community partners needed your help to ease the burden the COVID-19 pandemic put on their lives. You, of course, came through in a big, beautiful way to support our emergency fundraising efforts.
COVID response handwashing stations in Haiti
  • Thanks to your kindness and generosity, our community partners were able to manufacture and distribute handwashing stations and soap to households. They also learned how to make masks, get informed during clinics by visiting health professionals, establish short-term, low-interest food loans, and on and on.
  • And, you helped us raise $8,150 on #GivingTuesdayNow. This further supported our communities at a time when they were at their most vulnerable.
2020 GivingTuesday
  • Amid challenging times, our international superstars got masked-up and continued facilitating the good work of Outreach in communities worldwide.
  • We also finished a huge, challenging project at HQ with the completion of our Donor Video Wall. Whew!
Outreach Donor Wall

Facing Challenges, Creating highlights in 2020

  • Meanwhile, our friends in Ghodabadi, India completed a brand-new irrigation system for their fields!
  • In the Philippines, the OPI team secured 3,000 books for distribution, covering a library’s worth of topics, for distribution and use in communities.
Philippines Field Staff celebrating book project delivery
  • A trickle becomes a flood: After 15 years of working to get a new water system, community members in Nicaragua teamed up with Engineers Without Borders, ensuring project success, to install a special pump to route water throughout their community!
  • And, kids at school in Zambia received hand-sanitizer and juice boxes to make snack time as healthy and fulfilling as class time.
Hand sanitizer in Zambia
  • Who says we’re one of the Best Places to Work in KC? The Kansas City Business Journal, that’s who! Pretty dang definitive.
Joyful community members in Malawi
  • We also held Outreach Connect, our first-ever virtual gala, which connected donors to community members and some of our international staff via the magic of technology!
Outreach Connect Virtual Gala 2020
  • All the while, our friends in Bolivia planted 3,000 trees this year, as part of their ongoing reforestation efforts.
Bolivia community members planted 3,000 trees in 2020
  • 2020 Great NonprofitsThanks to your rave reviews, we earned GreatNonprofts’ TOP-RATED badge (again) this year! (Insert top-rated badge logo here). Feels pretty great!
  • Local community leaders got creative to keep up their momentum, finding new ways to meet together in accordance with their local governments’ mandates and COVID-19 restrictions, to keep the good going strong.
  • One of our proudest moments from 2020 was when we closed out the year with a RECORD-BREAKING #GivingTuesday. We raised $40,119 in 24 hours, thanks to all our incredible donors. (It’s the most we’ve ever raised on a #GivingTuesday!!!)


You made the world happier, healthier, and more hopeful than ever in our communities worldwide. It’s a big deal, and we insist you feel terrific about your role in helping to lift humanity into a more inclusive, equitable, humane, loving future. None of Outreach’s 2020 highlights would have been possible without you.

How to Help

Check out the Outreach 2020 Annual Report to learn more about the good work you make possible, every single year.