Another day, another world-changing event: After a lot of hard work and collaboration, our community partners in Tunfwane recently received seven brand-new treadle pumps in Zambia!

Treadle pumps basically give farmers superpowers. No more long days hand-watering crops — now it’s all about foot-watering! Imagine an elliptical trainer attached to a water source. Set it up, aim it at thirsty plants, hop on, and after a few more steps, fields are quenched, free-time is reclaimed, labor is saved, and crop yields are increased!
Treadle Pumps in Zambia

These treadle pumps are a perfect innovation because they’re so effective for irrigation without having to rely on electricity. The power source is the farmer! And, it ends up being so much less work than before, when they had to walk to and from a water source. This old necessity would take up hours of their day, and even sometimes keep their children from being able to attend school because they would have to help carry water. Well, no more!

Increase Crop Yield

We’re so proud of our friends in Tunfwane using treadle pumps in Zambia! And we can’t wait to see all the big things they accomplish next.

How to Help

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