If you’re like most people, many of the items on 2020’s to-do lists have been tentatively rescheduled for… later. Our friends in Bolivia, however, have been busier than ever in their reforestation efforts. Since January, four Outreach-affiliated communities have planted 3000 trees — 3000!! They did this in and around their respective horizons, and in doing so improved their soil’s quality, as well as their future opportunities.

Planting Trees, Growing Prosperity

The need for reforestation in Bolivia is as urgent as it is in so many other corners of the planet. But, these intrepid entrepreneurs used their training to organize, mobilize and get the job done. And all because they saw the opportunity to improve their own lives using the PHD process. They’ll bring their new-found skills to bear on subsequent projects as they continue their work. From now on, they’ll get together, identify issues that limit their development, and subsequently solve their own issues.

Community members in Bolivia work together to plant trees for their reforestation project

Everyone plants, everyone benefits! 

With love, and time, small trees gradually grow big, and the bigger the trees, the greater the benefits. And this reforestation doesn’t just provide long-term upgrades like cleaner air and more fertile soil. Also as a result, firewood fetches a pretty penny at market. And so do the countless nutritious mushrooms that spring up in the trees’ shade. This bounty is harvested by community members who at this point can enjoy the new-found and well-earned prosperity. Tree cheers for reforestation in Bolivia! And for brave, brilliant problem-solvers! Above all, three cheers for community-led development, in Bolivia and around the world!

Community members in Bolivia work together to plant new trees as part of their reforestation efforts

With the right tools and a community’s-worth of capable helpers, reforestation’s not as tricky as it sounds. 

Community members in Bolivia work together to plant new trees as part of their reforestation efforts

Talk about “ground-level empowerment.”

Newly planted trees sprout in Bolivia


Newly planted trees sprout in Bolivia



How to Help

You can be a part of this kind of ongoing empowerment in Bolivia and beyond when you donate to Outreach! 100% of all donations go completely and directly to support our community-led teams worldwide. So 100% of the good things we have going on can continue to take root and grow for generations to come. Donate today, and celebrate a more bountiful tomorrow! Give here.