Outreach International’s Human Development Facilitators, or “HDF”s are our world-class international team of talented, brilliant, caring folks who help our community partners get organized, find inspiration, and work together toward empowering results, every single day. They’re our heroes. While Outreach’s mission is simple (facilitating community-led development to empower our partners to overcome the challenges of chronic poverty worldwide), and impact undeniable, how we achieve it can always use more exploration — both for clarity’s sake, and because we simply cannot say enough great things about everyone involved in our work. So: What’s an HDF? See for yourself!

Title slide for "What's an HDF?"
2 - "HDF" is short for "Human Development Facilitator"
3 - HDF explanation
4 HDFs for Example
5 HDFs Lead Communities
6 HDFs Support Local Leaders
7 HDFs Other Work
8 HDFs have a big job

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