Outreach donors make everything we do together possible. An anonymous donor covers our overhead at Outreach HQ. So we’re able to devote 100% of all donations to our work in communities worldwide. This means that all the good created by Outreach donors can go even farther to equip and empower our partners. They can address challenges today, tomorrow, and for generations to come. There are obvious reasons (betterment of all humankind, belief in the capacity of all persons to work together for a common good, etc.) a kindhearted person might give to Outreach. We asked our supporters for some specifics on their motivations for choosing Outreach as their charity of choice. We’re delighted to share some of their insights with you. Feel free to cherry-pick whichever bits of wisdom you like best to use as your own reason for giving! We’d be remiss if we didn’t offer a link to donate, so here you go. One click changes the world for the better (though feel free to click it as often as you’d like)!

Why We Give

Ron D.: It is difficult to express my gratitude to all those who work sacrificially to find sustainable solutions to extreme poverty. I believe in Outreach International, and I want to help the work continue well into the future.

Craig B., Donor: I am proud to be a regular donor to OI. One generous donor supports our overhead costs, 100% of my monthly donation goes directly to an active project!

Tim C., Outreach Board Member: I became associated with Outreach International recently after retirement. The value of contributions goes far beyond the monetary value of the gift. Each donation helps build sustainable solutions that create ongoing benefits. It goes much further than “teaching a person to fish.” Outreach’s goal is to teach the community to control and sustain the lake to ensure fishing for generations. I have been seriously impressed with the quality of Outreach’s staff and personnel. They match that of any business I’ve seen. Their commitment to Outreach’s mission is inspiring. I am fortunate to be associated with Outreach International. Hopefully I can contribute to their success and all the great good they generate.

From Dan & Beth W., Donors: Outreach International is an outstanding organization that deserves endowment for perpetual stability. We joined the Legacy Circle by transferring a portion of our estate’s cash assets into perpetual corpus assets of Outreach International. The organization is able to more easily attract donors for current operating costs of OI. This might be preferable to establishing an endowment in perpetuity, with annual investment earnings going to the current budget needs. Our specific goal is to help OI with this long-term financial stability. Secondly, we strongly support the world’s indigenous peoples to move out of existing poverty into sustainable projects that OI supports. Many Indigenous Peoples have been economically disadvantaged by ongoing consequences of colonization. The goals of peace and justice direct us to legacy giving.

see For yourself

Backyard gardens in Outreach's Philippines community 3

Sustainable backyard gardens fight hunger, improve nutrition, and provide a new means of income when households sell excess produce at market.

Bucket distribution in Malawi

Community-led teams know what their communities need, and with facilitation from Outreach field staff, know how to get it, build it, distribute it, implement it, and ultimately, reach their goals, as this community in Malawi did with these wash basins for households to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

DR Congo - Solar Water System 2

New, local sources of clean, safe water mean no more long trips to distant wells, or preventable waterborne illnesses from unfiltered sources. 

Danielle, Donor: I cannot say enough good things about Outreach International. The staff is incredibly dedicated and it’s a pleasure to donate to an organization. They’re making a real, sustainable difference for communities around the world.

From Alberta (Bert) S., Donor: I have supported Outreach International for decades now. I can still remember the presentation on a Sunday morning by a regional Volunteer Advisor. We were all so inspired to get involved with this wonderful organization. I am all about helping others help themselves. I went on an Outreach site visit to Nicaragua years ago. There, I saw firsthand how the program works. I was, and am still, very impressed, happy and grateful to all the others helping make Outreach International successful.

Dan S., Outreach Board Member: I’m privileged to have been on the board of Outreach for the past five years. A finer organization does not exist. There are many worthy charities doing great work. But it’s hard to find one that makes every donated dollar count so deeply.

Gary & Debbie W., Donors: We share Outreach’s vision of a world without poverty. Naming Outreach in our will furthers our desire to make that vision a reality for children and their families — not just for today or tomorrow, but for generations to come.

From Dick & Carolyn O., Donors: My journey with Outreach International began with an invitation to a site visit in the Philippines. Personnel from International Institute for Rural Reconstruction, including Dennis and Lorna Labayen, introduced us to a process of empowerment and self-help rather than emergency aid. We saw evidence of success as communities worked together. Years later, Carolyn and I spent a week with Outreach in Nicaragua, where we again experienced the success of community empowerment as we met the people and visited several villages. There are many non-profit organizations that work to assist the poor. We choose to support Outreach International because we are witnesses to the dedication of the field workers and we have seen the success that this process produces.

Peg B., Donor: “I enjoy and appreciate the Facebook and Instagram posts; they are informative and so personal. During this COVID-19 era we are all dealing with, Outreach International has supported communities in need more than ever.

Laura C., Outreach Board Member: “I’ve been blown away by the people and work of Outreach; this is a non-profit focused on partnering with the people we serve to help them create lasting change.

Miquel P., Donor: It is amazing to see the poverty-related solutions Outreach provides, the different methods they use to do so, and seeing their volunteers and employees ensuring a change is being made worldwideespecially during these uncertain times — in their informative social media posts.

Josh H., Donor: I’ve seen how Outreach is able to build stronger communities and support growth around the world, and it is so inspiring. I LOVE how they reach out to people in need and share their passion for the international community. One of the best parts about their work is that they employ in-country staff to empower local development. In the communities they serve, Outreach works with local leaders to obtain the resources that the people need to improve their quality of life. The people then feel a stronger sense of achievement and accomplishment that encourages them in the future. I am so happy to give my support to Outreach over the years and continue into the future.

How to Help

It should be fairly clear at this point in this blog post, but the most powerful way you can help Outreach’s community partners worldwide — today, right now — is by making a donation to Outreach. 100% of all donations go directly to our work alongside communities worldwide! For all the reasons cited above, and any others you come up with on your own, please give now. Hey, look! Another “donate” button!