School Fundraiser | Petting Zoo | Raise Money for GoodThroughout history, each generation is by necessity more compassionate, inclusive, thoughtful, and engaged than the one before it.

Rack up enough generations, and you get a society that boasts a nearly endless list of opportunities and outlets to which one can contribute. A student group at Windermere Preparatory School [WPS] in Windermere, Florida found themselves in a position to embody the newest generational wave of compassion and initiative, and surfed over to Outreach’s site to assess if our mission and approach matched theirs.

Spoiler: We’re a great pair.

WPS is part of global education organization Nord Anglia Education, which boasts 43 affiliated schools internationally. At their annual summit last summer, sister schools were asked to nominate and vote on a new charity of choice. Our new best friends WPS presented Outreach International to the assembled schools, who ultimately chose us as their favorite. (Thanks, everyone! We think you’re great, too!)

Last fall, students at WPS suited up in crisp Outreach T-shirts and hosted a petting zoo that were sorry to have missed, judging by how much fun it looks like they’re having in the photos. Combined with their (male) teachers’ participation in a No Shave November competition, these young heroes raised over $8,000 to support Outreach’s educational program in Haiti.

We’re truly touched by WPS’s commitment to serving the public good, and honored to be the beneficiary of their tremendous work. Thanks for everything, everyone. Save us a spot at the petting zoo next year — that pig looks unbelievably fluffy.


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