World Conference 2023 booth

This has been a special time for a lot of reasons, and one of the best is the Community of Christ World Conference 2023. It’s is the first time in three years that this incredible event has occurred in person. This community is so inspiring, even when it’s spread across the country and the world. And when so many gathered, it made for a truly incredible week. We were honored to be a part of it.

Community of Christ World Conference 2023 Booth

Outreach International has had a close relationship with C of C for more than forty years. And the partnership we share has accomplished so much good in the world, it would be difficult to measure. So, we never miss a chance to thank Community of Christ for all it has done to help make our work possible.

Casey and Entrance to World Conference Event

Welcoming Our Partners to Outreach

This year, we showed our appreciation by hosting an event at the Outreach International headquarters building in Kansas City. On Wednesday, April 26th we welcomed over 150 of our Community of Christ partners and friends. They saw our offices and met our Kansas City team. They experienced our new Outreach Event Space, and took a deep dive into our work around the world.

Two full buses ushered World Conference attendees from Independence, Missouri, to the Kansas City Crossroads. And our bus hosts made the short trip lively and fun.

Community of Christ World Conference Event with Kevin on Stage

Energizing Introductions

Upon arrival, we welcomed our guests with a few small gifts of appreciation. Everyone settled into our main event space, and our President and CEO, Dr. Kevin Prine, took the stage. He gave an inspiring introduction filled with enthusiasm and gratitude. He talked about fighting poverty, about bringing hope to the world. And he talked about Courage. Courage was the theme of The Community of Christ World Conference 2023. And it couldn’t have been a more fitting representation of the partnership between Outreach International and C of C. And there isn’t a more fitting word to describe what it takes for a person, for a community, to do what it takes to rise out of a life of crushing and chronic poverty and into a life of prosperity and hope.

World Conference Event Andrea Presentation

Then, Andrea Read-Davis, our Chief Field Operations Officer, spoke to the packed room about specific projects and programs that their partnership makes possible. And Andrea introduced videos showcasing the incredible work happening at our partner program locations all over the world.

International Partners at World Conference 2023

Special Guests

Andrea also introduced some of our greatest program partners who traveled from all over the world to join us. They came to share stories of the incredible progress that’s being made to fight poverty in each of their program countries. And they came to be a part of Community of Christ World Conference 2023. This created a rare chance for our donors to meet some of the people who lead the fight against poverty where it happens in our program countries.

Our visiting Outreach partners were:

Jane, Emily, Kapesha, Krizza, Rashmi

  • Jane Kumwimba, Human Development Facilitator, Zambia
  • Emily Garubo, Admin & Finance Officer, Philippines
  • Kapesha Kapungwe, Program Coordinator, Zambia
  • Krizza Ria Velasquez, Program Coordinator, Philippines
  • Rashmi Mallick, Program Coordinator, India

World Conference Attendees meet International Program Partners

This was a rare opportunity for our partners to learn more about the good work they make possible from the people who do the work every day.

World Conference Event Guests

Community of Christ World Conference 2023 Photo Booth

World Conference 2023 Event Photo Booth

Thank You

We want to thank everyone from the Community of Christ World Conference 2023 who took the time to join us to celebrate courage. Our time together was short, and it had been far too long for us to see our friends. But the event was a great success. So, to our C of C partners who attended our event, who visited our booth, who donate and volunteer month after month, year after year, to make the world a better place, we say “thank you.” See you next time.

How to Help

If you’re a member of a Community of Christ congregation, or any congregation, and you want to partner with us, we welcome you to find out more about our faith based community outreach.