Kayowelo, Zambia Multi-purpose center opening

First, our community partners from Kayowelo, Zambia, contributed a lot of collective brainpower, strategic planning and elbow grease. Then, they celebrated the grand opening of their brand-new community center!

A Place to Meet

Where once there was an unoccupied spot of land, there now stands a centralized space for locals to increase their household income by selling goods. (while also improving their respective nutritional intake with more diverse, wholesome foods on offer). There they can also sharpen their skills through workshops, and continue to empower one another through the dissemination of services. These include skills like carpentry and tailoring!

“Previously, community members met out in the open — in shady spots under trees or in crowded public spaces. During the rainy season, finding a dry spot to meet is especially difficult,” says Cassidy Miller,  Manager of Training and Support. “With the construction of an enclosed meeting place, they’ll be able to gather, discuss and resolve issues, come rain or shine.”

Celebrating Newly Opened community Center

Local leaders kicked off the opening ceremonies with speeches, and community members gave testimonials about the contributions that made construction possible.

This is a really big deal — the latest incredible step for the Kayowelo community toward realizing their goals. Amazing!

How to Help

You can also take a peek at the kick-off party!