“It’s not whether you win or lose,” wrote Grantland Rice in 1908, “it’s how you play the game.” His advice holds up especially well when applied to Outreach’s showing in the Brackets for Good 2017 tournament. Since Outreach’s work is data-driven to ensure our successes are quantifiable and repeatable, let’s take a look at how we played in this year’s Brackets for Good tournament to see what we can learn:

Thank You - Brackets for GoodHow’d we play? Beautifully. Expertly. Gracefully, even. Nice work, teammates.

Together, you raised $4,387 to fight poverty, and helped Outreach out-fundraise 56 other nonprofits. In light of the scale of some of the other nonprofits involved in the tournament (heavy hitters like the Special Olympics and Girl Scouts), this is an incredible showing.

It’s also incredible that your support has helped Outreach garner the level of success that attracts things like Brackets for Good to us in the first place. It’s an honor to be included in the tournament alongside the Big Boys, but not as much of an honor as it is to have you as our partners.

Thank You - Brackets for GoodUltimately, our noble competitor bested not only our total, but brought in the most money of all 64 tournament participants. So while we might be out of the running for this year, thanks to the generosity of all our Outreach supporters, this result is still a major victory for our mission.

We only look back to see what we can learn for the journey ahead. It was so much fun to be involved in 2017, and we can’t wait to come roaring back in 2018 for another shot.

Each and every one of you wonderful supporters continue to amaze and energize us in our work, and inspire us in our belief that together, we can change the world for the better.

Thank you for everything.

—Team Outreach