Many international charities prefer to work in larger, easy-to-reach villages that already have some of the basics, like electricity and clean water. Outreach International is different – from the start, we’ve been committed to helping the most impoverished families.

“What’s the most important thing I can do to break the cycle of poverty?” We get that  question a lot. And here’s our answer: Give people a voice. Invite them to be leaders, urge them to ask questions, and celebrate with them as they find and own the solutions.

Projects don’t end poverty; people do. That’s why our key investment is in the people  themselves – women, men and children with stunning resilience and untapped intelligence  and creativity.

When you invest in a partner community, you’re helping transform an entire village, and the lives of future generations. Remarkably, you can expect this kind of change within just 3 to 5 years…and it costs only about $15 per person each year.


Our passion for our work is matched by our commitment to good governance and transparency. We meet – and often exceed – the high standards for effectiveness and
accountability set by Charity Navigator, Independent Charities of America and Better Business Bureau.

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