Outreach Nicaragua team member, Ricardo, and Peace Corps volunteer, Freddy, teamed up recently to acquire nearly 800 dental care kits from Colgate’s “Bright Smiles, Bright Futures” program to promote the benefits of regular oral hygiene among children at schools in seven Outreach-affiliated communities.


Ricardo and students in Nicaragua


Peace Corp Volunteer, Freddy

Each kit contained a toothbrush, toothpaste, and educational materials for further study (possibly to be read to pass the time during the recommended two-minute brushing interval). After handing out kits at each school, our staff led a 40-minute lesson focused on the importance of regular brushing and oral hygiene as healthy habits worth following for a lifetime.

“These messages of empowerment allow the kids to not only understand what to do to take care of their teeth and gums,” said Ricardo, “but also why it’s important to do so.”

We’re thrilled to share photos of the kids’ smiles with you, and even happier to know they’ll stay bright and wide for years to come.


Freddy, Peace Corp Volunteer, and Ricardo, Outreach Staff member, teaching the kids how to properly brush their teeth


Passing out the dental kits

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Outreach staff member, Juan, teaching students how to properly brush their teeth


Outreach staff member, Adriana, teaching kids how to use their new toothbrushes


Students in Nicaragua showing off their pearly whites with Outreach staff member Ricardo