Living on only $3 a day in SapangBato, Philippines, Josie and her husband struggled to provide food and education, among other things, for their two children. But just recently, Josie learned that her community was able to access 25 dairy buffalo with the help of Outreach International. And as a farmer, she was excited for the new opportunities this could bring her family, like increased crop production and eventually, milk.  

Soon after Josie received her family’s dairy buffalo, it birthed a calf.

Josie was thrilled—business was already booming, and her family’s opportunities were expanding. The new calf alone was worth more than $300, and her dairy buffalo was producing even more milk than she expected.

Each day, Josie was able to sell 7-8 bottles of milk, increasing family income by $44 every month.

So far, eight calves have been born in the community, increasing income in SapangBato by $2,600.


But milk and labor haven’t been the only benefit of dairy buffalos in the Philippines. Other members of the community have begun new projects, like using manure to create fertilizer for crops.

One small business after another, the people of SapangBato are breaking the cycle of poverty.

“It’s a big achievement for a farmer to acquire a buffalo of his or her own. It’s a great responsibility, but it’s worth it,” said Josie. “The future can only be fulfilled by working hard and sacrificing.”

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