This month, Callie Streich is reaching a milestone in her life. On March 28, she’s going to run 50 miles—that’s almost 2 marathons back to back!

Callie has been running for several years, but it hasn’t always come so easy.

A few years ago, she suffered a back injury during pregnancy. The pain she experienced was so severe that she had difficulty sitting, let alone standing or walking. She was nervous for the future of her health.

Fighting Through The Pain

When she began working with a chiropractor, she boldly mentioned that she’d like to run one day, although that hadn’t been a previous passion. Finally in March of 2012, her chiropractor said she could.

Fighting through the pain, she would run 10 to 20 yards before having to stop. Then she’d stretch, run again, stop to stretch, then run again, until she made it around the block.

Six months later, Callie ran her first half marathon. And two months after that, she ran her first full marathon. Nothing would stop her now.

Up To The Challenge

She made herself vulnerable, but she was learning more and practicing more self-love every day.

Now she’s approaching her biggest challenge to date, but she needs YOUR help.

Check out Callie’s MyOutreach fundraiser page, and help her reach her goal of $2,000! She’s already more than a third of the way there!