This week, we’re rolling out a new logo and a new look for Outreach International! After much thought and deliberation, our team at headquarters came up with a brighter way to spread our mission. We hope you like it!

You may have some questions about these changes. Here are a few answers you might find helpful:

Why the change?

We want to be as direct as possible with our mission, and that means our brand has to cut through the clutter and get right to the point.

We are a humanitarian organization down to our very core. Everything we do focuses on people, and more importantly, on the individual.

We want our brand, like our field staff, to work subtly in the background, taking little credit for achievements. It is our supporters and the people living in poverty who make our work possible.

Why orange?

The color orange represents determination, encouragement and creativity—the very same attributes our staff and impoverished families display in the field every day.

How much did it cost?

We didn’t pay an agency to make these changes. We wanted your gifts and contributions to continue going where they’re needed most, so we did all of the work right here at headquarters. And lucky for us, we know our organization pretty well.

Our marketing efforts come with deep insight and reflection, allowing our supporters to see exactly where their money is spent and the impact they’re making around the world.

What does this mean for me as a supporter?

You play a critical role in helping us change lives. We can’t achieve our mission alone; you are the loudest voice and strongest advocate for our cause. Without you, we would not exist.

Our brand symbolizes not only our field staff and the impoverished families we serve, but also YOU. It is representative of all of us, and it reminds us that we’re all in this together.


Still have questions? Contact Josh, our brand identity manager: