A couple weeks ago, our resident coffee connoisseurs at Outreach International headquarters headed to The Roasterie in Kansas City to take a crack at creating our first Coffee for a Cause.

Simeon Bricker, seasoned barista and last year’s National Latte Art champion, helped our team (Kevin, Mary, Heather and Charlotte) pick the perfect blend for Outreach.

First thing is first: Our blend had to be fair trade. On that, we would not budge.

Why is fair trade coffee so important? Because we care about the treatment of people everywhere. When you buy fair trade coffee, it directly supports family farmers from the region of its origin by offering a fair price for their harvests. Even higher premiums are offered for organic harvests. Importers purchase coffee directly from fair trade producer groups, which essentially cuts out the middlemen who make a large portion of the profits for coffee production.

First thing is first: Our blend had to be fair trade. On that, we would not budge.

Simeon put together three blends for our staff to try – each from regions where we work. After tasting each individual country’s brew and each of the three blends, the choice was unanimous – and our staff was feeling very alert, to say the least.

With help from The Roasterie and harvests from regions in Asia, Africa and Central America, fair trade, organic HopeBlend emerged. We couldn’t be more excited!
HopeBlend is here just in time for Father’s Day. Order for your dad by June 14, and get a free mug with your purchase!

For $14.92 get a 10-ounce, whole bean bag of HopeBlend and support family farmers in developing countries, and support Outreach International.

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