Martha, a resident of Sibug, Philippines, and mother of six, desperately wanted her children to have the opportunity to get an early education. In a community without access to a kindergarten classroom, her dream seemed distant. But as her passion and inspiration wore off on other parents in the community, it soon became an attainable goal for the foreseeable future.

When the families of Sibug agreed to dedicate their time to finding the resources to build a kindergarten space, their collective strong-will and hard work payed off.


“My son, Robert, is one of the first proud students who is able to learn in our new, beautiful school,” Martha exclaimed with a smile on her face.


And with a newly-constructed space in Sibug, Martha saw more possibilities for the community. When school isn’t in session, they use it for community meetings, an activity center and even an evacuation center in times of calamity.

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Outreach International supporters made Martha’s dream for her children a reality. Thank you for all you do. We couldn’t have done it without you!