In Kapisha, Zambia, an elderly woman named Hannah was left to look after her eight grandchildren when her own children died. Alone and without much money, Hannah’s biggest fear was that she wouldn’t be able to give her grandchildren access to a proper education.

Living in Kapisha, the only schools around were miles away and privately funded, costing about $30 a month per child—a luxury Hannah, and many others in Kapisha, could not afford.

When Outreach International helped organize the community to come up with a new solution, things changed dramatically for families in Kapisha. The concerned parents of the village pooled their resources together to come up with an alternative route to early education.

They decided they would use the local church as a facility to develop a public school. Working hard to be recognized by their country, they were finally able to reach public school status.


Now, for less than $4 a month, the parents of Kapisha can send their children to school locally, and for a price they can afford. They even managed to obtain uniforms for the children.

“Well, if our children could not go to a school, a school had to come to our children,” said Hannah.