Outreach marches on! Longtime supporter Vivian Nash and her husband Jerry are making strides to combat chronic hunger with friends and neighbors in Oregon by participating in a CROP Walk. Together, they’ll enjoy a lovely riverside view in Alton Baker Park alongside others committed to ending hunger, their collective goodwill making for an even more enjoyable day out on their purposeful stroll. Most walks’ destinations are limited to a literal conclusion, but for Vivian, Jerry, and their neighbors, their walk’s benefit will have more impact than some light cardio— it’s an exercise for a healthier world!

Vivian has been a treasured volunteer and member of the Outreach family for years, as generous with her words of encouragement for our work as she is with her steadfast support of Outreach’s mission. If you’d like to join Vivian and Jerry in person, or pitch in to let them know you’re with them in spirit, visit their fundraising page here.

In case you’re wondering (we were), “CROP Walks” were named after the Christian Rural Overseas Program, a program founded by the Church World Service in 1947 to help farm families from the Midwest share a portion of their grain harvests with people in post-World War II Asia and Europe, whose lives and livelihoods had been upended by years of heavy fighting.

Thanks again to Vivian and Jerry for everything they do for Outreach, and everything they do to make the world a better place!


Grove City Crop Walk, 2005


Grove City Crop Walk, 2001


Grove City Crop Walk, 1981

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