“I can sleep peacefully now that we have this bundle of food from the feeding program,” said Dona, a 92-year-old woman living in Nicaragua.

Ever since Outreach International helped initiate a family feeding program in four Nicaraguan communities, elderly women and men don’t have to worry about going to bed hungry anymore.

In rural, impoverished villages, many older men and women have no sources of income. Strenuous labor, like farming or raising cattle, is no longer an option.

For Dona, staying with her two unmarried sons—both of whom are already over 70 themselves—makes living without an income easier. But unfortunately, both of her sons make only a mere $3.20 a day, so they needed help to continue providing food for themselves and their mother.

Communities in Nicaragua identified the lack of food for the elderly as a concern in their villages. So with Outreach’s help, they were able to institute a feeding program to provide nutritious foods to older people as well as children.

Today, the feeding program has grown so much that nearly 500 people are participating.

“I receive a relief package each month for my children and me,” Dona said. And now that they have support from the feeding program, Dona and her children know they’ll have enough food to eat each day.

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