Holy macaroni, look how well this family functions! One of our supporters, Brett Simpson, passed this image along to us recently, and we think it’s worth sharing: for Christmas, his mother’s side of the family, the Stowells, collectively purchased all these gifts from our Award-Eligible gift catalog in honor of their patriarch Vince. They then presented this to him at what we can only assume was the most selfless, socially conscious Christmas morning in their whole neighborhood.





As far as gifts that are thoughtful and generous on a personal level, the Stowells and their extended family nailed it, but the really extra-terrific part is the enormous amount of good their collective gifts will do for our partners in communities around the world.

A legacy can be measured by how much a person touches the lives of those around them; those momentary, temporary things that, when totaled, demonstrate values and character. That his family came together to give Vince a gift that provides so much for others is both a testament to the generation-spanning goodness made possible by the standard he embodies as a patriarch, and an example of how that goodness can continue to grow exponentially through his example.