Recently, Filomon, one of our field staff members in Bolivia, turned in an incredibly moving account of his life before and after becoming involved with Outreach. It’s a beautiful piece; Filomon’s story is a perfect example of the efficacy of our process (PHDP) and the superhuman resolve embodied by those who apply it.

The whole story is posted on the “Additional Readings” section of our website. For now, here are a handful of quotes from it that we hope will persuade you to check it out. We’re not kidding: it’s worth your time.

Filomon in a greehouse

“Before starting class, I worried about things like, ‘It will be difficult to learn,’ ‘ It is only for smart people,’ ‘I will not be able to perform with one arm,’  and so on. My younger sister and brother, Edith and Wilson, encouraged me to study, telling me, ‘You only need to observe.’”

“I am a lucky man. I feel useful because I can help poor people who are afraid to talk about their problems, who remind me what I was like in the past.”

“My life has changed, and I feel like a valued person. I can speak, ask questions, and ease the doubts of others, who, like I was in the past, are still afraid.”

“I feel like a plant moved from dry land to good soil.”

Filomon with community memberFilomon, you’re the best. If you want to see a first-hand account of the change Outreach inspires, click here.