What do you get a buffalo for its first birthday? A salad with a candle on top? A new rubber duckie for the tub? Don’t be ridiculous— all any water buffalo wants is a little appreciation.

Outreach India field partner Kalima, whose water buffalo had stubbornly refused to produce offspring for years, was delighted to share news of the birth of her new calf with us last year. This year, we’re delighted to share an update on the li’l guy’s progress: He’s been eating his vegetables and getting plenty of rest and exercise, and has grown from a shaky-legged amateur to a full-fledged pro; regularly pitching in to boost Kalima’s income, he’s doing his part and making us all proud.

Seems like just yesterday we were admiring his baby pictures; before we know it, he’ll have sired offspring of his own to keep the good going and income flowing. When the time comes, we’ll be here with party hats and noisemakers to celebrate Kalima’s continued success. Congratulations all around!