We have a saying at Outreach, proudly displayed on T-shirts: “Where knowledge thrives, poverty doesn’t.”

In our 2016 summer magazine, you can find examples from the field of the truth in that statement. Please read our story about the growth of superflour and its amazing results when used in communities where hungry children were once the norm. Then take a look at how an ingenious but simple pump design traveled from South America to Africa, bringing clean water to thirsty families.

At the risk of an overuse of quotations, an old saying, attributed to Ben Franklin, comes to mind: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” But, even if we involve people and they learn, that model is still limited by the number of teachers. Therefore, at Outreach, we go further — “Inspire me to act, and I will teach others.”

Alone, wisdom and knowledge don’t change the world. As you will see in this issue, it is when we become inspired by new insights and take action that we are able to bring about a new existence for ourselves and for others. In the pages that follow, there are testimonials from our field staff, from our supporters, and from the gifts named for loved ones; all of these reflect actions and a sharing of knowledge.

That is the power of the Outreach process. We don’t give handouts. We don’t just teach. We inspire transforming change.



Dr. Kevin W. Prine
President & CEO


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