Cassidy, Field Operations Manager, is currently traveling and working with the team in the Philippines. After a typhoon made landfall where she is currently staying, Cassidy reflected on her experience:

December 17, 2015

Cabanatuan City, Philippines

Yesterday, I experienced my first typhoon. As I conducted a training with the Outreach Philippines, Inc. team, I watched the rain falling outside. In a matter of minutes, small puddles in the streets turned into a growing, calf-deep current. As I spoke of methods for monitoring and evaluation, I watched as people passed outside evacuating their homes in search of higher grounds. I saw the staff at our hotel, the Amada Plaza, carrying everything that wasn’t nailed to the floor up to the second level, including the refrigerator. I observed rescue teams with life vests headed to help those who were unable to evacuate their homes to safety.

typhoon image 1 typhoon image 2 typhoon image bus


After ending the training early to ensure everyone was able to get home before the waters rose too high to pass, I sat and thought. As I looked through the dark hotel at the water that had risen over two feet in the lobby, I heard laughter and singing of the Filipinos stranded with me at the hotel. I became overcome with an appreciation of human resilience.

In my short time with Outreach International, I have consistently been challenged, personally and professionally. The greatest of these challenges have come during my visits to the field, where I see the work facilitated by our field staff and the challenges faced by the communities in which they work.

I cannot begin to adequately express the gratitude I have for the work in which I am able to play a role, the people around the world with whom I work, and the communities in which we are a part; they push me to my limits and challenge me to grow. I only hope that I am able to one day do the same for them.

I love my job, typhoons and all. 

– Cassidy Miller, Field Operations Manager