Kids from a number of Outreach’s partner communities in Bolivia have been focusing on “field studies” recently, maintaining their schools’ greenhouses to explore the nuances of crop cultivation, do some light gardening, and pose for some of the cutest photos we’ve seen in a long time.

Greenhouses are a popular focus of community efforts in Outreach’s Bolivian communities; they’re much warmer than the windy climate outside, more easily managed and resistant to hungry pests that might afflict gardens planted in the open. As their parents and neighbors work together to grow food to serve their families and sell at market for extra income, the kids bucked tradition and actually became interested in the vegetables on their respective plates. In their time tending their vegetables, they learned how to prepare land for farming, how to sew and irrigate seeds, and care for crops as they grow. They took turns tilling soil, watering, and harvesting some of the hearty lettuce to take home to their folks.

The best part of the their efforts? No one has to pack a lunch, because they all have salads waiting for them. Buckle up, you’re about to exceed your daily recommended allowance of adorable photos.


Doña Silberia from the Muyujchipa group in Bolivia teaches her children to cultivate vegetables in her greenhouse.


Deysi Chura is a young girl from Muyujchipa. She loves to cultivate vegetables in her greenhouse!


The children from the Muyujchipa School work together with their teachers to till and water the ground to plant vegetables.


All of the children from the Muyujchipa School participate in planting vegetables.


The children from the Muyujchipa school learned how to plant different types of vegetables from their teachers.


Proudly showing off their vegetables in the greenhouse at school.

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