Since Haiti’s infamous earthquake in 2010, 50 percent of primary and secondary schools have been damaged or destroyed. But the destruction has taken a toll on the livelihoods of the children, too. So we’ve been working with the undeniably resilient young people in 54 schools around the country, helping restore and improve the lives of thousands.


Teaching healthy habits, Outreach International is involved in cholera awareness seminars in 55 schools, helping distribute soaps to each child while emphasizing the importance of sanitation. We were able to distribute cholera prevention kits to 22 schools.


More than 1,000 malnourished children in our schools are participating in our feeding program. In the 14 schools involved, nine out of every 10 children have gained weight so far.

Haiti-Jan-2011-395 Haiti-Jan-2011-398

And thanks to your help, our presence in Haiti has helped 96 percent of the children in our schools pass their exams.


Thanks for all you do!