Outreach’s network of volunteers and supporters is a continual source of pride and astonishment for all of us here at Outreach HQ. We regularly receive a fair amount of mail from them informing us of their ingenuity in finding new ways to spread the word about Outreach’s good work among within their communities.

bulletinboardpicIn Michigan, supporters sold apples and hand-sewn Christmas ornaments to raise money on Outreach’s behalf. As a thoughtful bonus, they sent us a few for us to display— they’re in a place of honor in our kitchen, pinned up alongside the incredibly sweet letter mailed by the group’s representative. (Pictured left)

Meanwhile, in Pittsburgh, PA, Outreach supporters made “Acts of Kindness” paper chains to count down the days till Christmas. “The day I ripped off the [paper link reading], ‘Donate some money to help poor people,’ I received your Sustainable Gifts Catalog in the mail!” wrote Outreach supporter Janet Geiger. “It was a divine appointment, if you ask me!”

Over in Colorado Springs, CO, a gaggle of young Outreachers (we just came up with that term!) got together to make some paper Christmas trees listing the names of items they purchased from our Sustainable Gifts Catalog, with funds they amassed during a local donation drive.  (Pictured at top)

As always, we are humbled by their dedication to our shared mission, and grateful for their partnership. Great work, everyone!