You’re never too young for empathy! Kids attending Junior camp at Sanford Campground in Michigan teamed up with Outreach volunteer Vickie Sanford to meet, greet, and make some colorful new OI Pals out of cardstock to signify their willingness to be an Outreach Pal in fighting poverty.

For kids used to the relative ease of life growing up in places equipped to address their basic needs, the idea of water coming from a source beyond their houses’ sinks was a new concept. Talk was talked, and then it was time to walk the walk: “I used a five-gallon pail filled with water, and two by two, the campers carried the pail all the way around the room,” wrote Vickie. “We talked about what it was like for children [in impoverished countries] to carry water, and how far they had to travel to get it each day.”

Things got interactive when the kids were invited to wash their hands and feet with the water from the pail, before Vickie explained how for many living in the world’s deepest poverty, the water used for bathing is the same water used for cooking.

Refreshed and ready for Act III, the group then heard stories about Outreach’s partner communities’ success in building wells to access clean water more easily, and discussed how they felt about the new concepts they’d just learned. Judging by the enlightened looks on their faces, it seems as though they realized that helping people around the world overcome challenges is something everyone can do.


P.S. Interested in making your own Outreach Pal? Download the template today!