Happy Valentine’s Day!
Flowers and candy are great, but both disappear before the calendar page turns to March. Want a really romantic notion? Sustainable good! This year, you can whisper sweet somethings in your loved-one’s ear when you tell them that you made a donation to Outreach in their name, as a monument to your collective, enduring devotion.

There aren’t enough days in the year where we can pen some fun Outreach-related verse and share it with you. Believe us, we’ve scoured our calendars for more opportunities. Today, though, there’s nothing holding us back!


Looking for gifts, 

But find only slim pickins? 

Look no further,

Buy these cute chickens.

ValentinesDay - Chick - Flat

When my crops were dry

My farm was a dump,

Now they’re all watered

Thanks to my treadle pump.


Oh, how I’d like to write you a poem

Using some red pens or pencils,

But it would be far more helpful to provide

The developing world some feeding utensils.


Love in your heart

is a real booster,

But there’s no love quite like

Two hens and a rooster.

ValentinesDay - Rooster - Flat

Your love is a mystery to me, 

It might as well be written in cuneiform. 

Let’s make things simple this year

And provide kids with a new school uniform.


Our love spans the globe,

A delightful, endless vacation

This year, let’s try something new 

And kiss at a hand-washing station.

ValentinesDay - HandWashing - Flat

There are so many rhymes

For words like “love,” 

Yet, strangely, we can’t figure out 

A way to highlight our cooking stove.


Your eyes like the ocean

The deepest blue and aquamarine

Oh, I almost forgot to mention

That this year I spent your gift money on a brand new latrine.


Chocolates and cherries are pretty nice

Of your love they act as proof,

But if I’m really honest, sweetheart,

We should probably repair this roof. 

ValentinesDay - RoofRepairs - Flat

Roses are red, 

Violets are blue, 

Donate to Outreach International,

Because it’s the right thing to do. 


Feel free to use any of these rhymes as your opening lines when you share the good news of your thoughtful gift with whoever is across a candlelit table from you.

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