Last year, in a time of sheer heartache, Santi lost her son to disease. In a debilitating financial bind, Santi and her husband could not afford his medical treatment, and tragically, had to watch their son die. Bringing her struggles to an Outreach International leader in the community, she was determined to make sure she never found herself in the same situation with any one of her three remaining daughters.


As an active member of her community in Kuljing, India, and a regular attendee of Outreach meetings, Santi was ready to mobilize her fellow village members to take one giant step out of poverty.  Enduring years of inadequate food, clothing and medicines as a community, she knew they’d be ready, too.

After much consideration and collaboration, the community came up with three possible solutions. And finally, they agreed upon one: a water buffalo project.

Months of role playing and negotiating later, through education and empowerment from Outreach, the community acquired the resources to buy 22 water buffalo. And it has been all downhill from there.

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“I am very happy because after we accessed the buffalo, I was able to feed my children and give them clothing and medicines,” said Santi. With the necessities covered, she is now saving additional income for improvements to her families’ home. “Now we are spending our life happily.”