In the month of May, family awareness is celebrated around the world. Since 1993, May 15 has been known as the International Day of Families. It is a day to acknowledge the social and economic processes affecting families worldwide.

In India, families in Outreach International communities celebrate farm animals with extreme gratitude. Thanks to the 22 water buffalo Outreach helped the community of Kuljing, India, obtain, families can feed their children, and even have surplus milk to sell.


Since vegetable gardens have been planted in Bolivia, with greenhouses to sustain growth during the winter months, families no longer have to worry about being able to feed their children all year.


In DR Congo, families are now able to teach their children the importance of sanitation, decreasing extreme health risks.


In Zambia, increased access to health care allows families to avoid diseases like malaria with mosquito nets.


In the Philippines, options for education put parents at ease, knowing their children have bright futures ahead.