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Building safe roads in and out of our communities allows families to travel outside their villages to sell produce and find medicines when they need them.

Why It Matters

We've discovered that when communities work together, they're more apt to accomplish their goals. Creating a meeting space for each man, woman and child living in poverty, we give our communities a forum to voice their hopes and concerns for their families.

By helping these individuals access the resources they need for success, our field staff helps each community turn their hopes into a reality. Together, families in Outreach countries are working on projects like building better roads, reforesting their villages and increasing electricity.

Who It Affects

Since 2008, Outreach has been working to resolve deforestation in Bolivia.

Today, we have helped plant more than 75,500 trees in three communities.
Outreach has helped increase the amount of electricity in our communities in India by 74 percent.

Today, children are able to continue doing their homework when early evening hours become dark, and men and women are able to continue working on projects to increase income.
We have helped community members in Malawi plant 33,500 trees, and we are continuing to move forward with environmental projects in the area.
84 percent of Outreach communities now have access to safe road conditions, which allows them to get in and out of their villages with the food and medicines they need, without any injuries.

Have a Cow, Man

You are a farmer in an Outreach-affiliated community in DR Congo. You and the other farmers who live here have the same needs as any farmer anywhere; chiefly, a means to efficiently plough your fields and haul the sorts of heavy equipment and...

DR Congo Cattle Project

The Need

Roads in our Nicaraguan communities are often very dangerous, making transporting food and water difficult.
Deforestation in Malawi has slowed down the amount of rainfall for crops.
The lack of electricity in rural India leaves many small business owners and students in the dark.

The Outcome

How To Help


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