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When our communities learn to build smokeless stoves, women and children no longer have to worry about smoke-related health concerns, and they have more time to spend together as a family.
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Why It Matters

Children are especially at risk for extreme hunger. Malnutrition is the cause of almost half (45 percent) of all deaths in children under the age of five—that's more than 3 million deaths each year.

Nearly 870 million people in the world are suffering from extreme hunger. And of those people, 98 percent are living in developing countries. Lacking the proper resources or climate for crop growth, the impoverished men, women and children enduring these conditions are caught in a cyclical state of malnourishment.

One out of six children in developing countries is underweight; and one out of four children will experience stunted growth due to malnutrition.

Who It Affects

Since Outreach began working in Bolivia, we've taken great strides towards eliminating hunger in the population we serve.

Nearly half of our communities have now built vegetable gardens and greenhouses to sustain crop growth during the winter months.
Outreach has helped families secure proper irrigation to continue vegetable garden growth during the lean months.

In our communities, four out of every five families now have access to food during this critical time.
We have initiated school feeding programs involving more than 1,000 children; and nine out of every 10 have gained weight.

We have used this program in 14 schools and will be adding another school in the coming year.
In Guimiguda, India, we created a feeding program for hundreds of children at school.

Today, nine in 10 children participating in the program have experienced a significant weight gain.
Outreach is helping more than 100 children participate in a feeding program to gain weight.

So far, the program has been 84 percent effective, and we are continuing to expand the program.
Since Outreach began working in Nicaragua, our family feeding program has helped 27 times more children, women and men find nourishment than ever before.
Today, 51 percent of children and their families in Outreach communities have access to enough food during the lean months, and we are continuing to expand the loan project until each family is fed.

Clementina Threads the Needle

When it comes to inspirational stories from our communities, it is hard to find one more affecting than Clementina’s journey. Though born able-bodied, a childhood bout of meningitis resulted in a permanent disability that continues to make walking...

Clementina | Outreach International

The Need

Many people living in our communities in Bolivia had never eaten any vegetables other than potatoes.
In DR Congo, the dry season limits crop growth, and families are forced to go hungry.
In Malawi, families struggle to provide for their children during the months of little rainfall.

The Outcome

How To Help


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