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Farming and animal raising are major financial resources in our communities. Milk from cows and water buffalo can provide nutrition for children and increase income.
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Why It Matters

Today, approximately 1.2 billion people in the world live in extreme poverty. Surviving on less than $1.25 each day, these men, women and children face a heightened susceptibility to disease and hunger because of their surrounding conditions.

Often having little possessions and no education, they have few options for providing income for their families.

Who It Affects

Outreach has implemented a revolving-loan project and a vegetable-garden project to increase income.

Now, one-third of families are receiving 10 times more funds than ever before.
Today, we see a dramatically-reduced poverty rate in DR Congo.

Now, more than 60 percent of communities have access to adequate income from activities, like brick-making and selling produce.
Outreach International helped develop a water buffalo project in India, giving families the opportunity to raise water buffalo and use them for milk, field work and manure for the farms.

Today, the salaries of the participating families have nearly tripled.
Now, after continued dedication, roughly one-third of the families in Outreach communities in Malawi have access to adequate income to provide for their families.
Outreach has helped the people in the Philippines access water buffalo to use for milk, field help and manure.

Families living on less than $1.35 in Outreach communities have seen a 14-fold increase in income since the water buffalo project began.
Outreach has helped communities in Zambia gain access to farming improvements, which has increased farming projects in the area six-fold.

Today, nearly half of the families in our communities have access to adequate income from increased crop growth.

The Need

In Bolivia, many families only have access to potatoes for vegetables, and have little to sell in the marketplace.
Lack of crops and farm animals make small business projects in India difficult.
When loan sharks charge 60 percent interest in Outreach communities, families make little income.

The Outcome

How To Help


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