There’s nothing better than a cold glass of sparkling, clear water on a hot day. Unless you’re starving, that is.

Lakesha was one of thousands of children whose families suffered from the lack of basic food and water. Crops dried up, grasshoppers invaded the fields, her parents lacked work between harvests, and there was nothing in reserve to fall back on. Promises of wells, land, medicine and assistance made by outsiders were made and payments often taken. But hope died along with failed crops and broken promises.

Getting even the most basic of needs met is like Christmas for someone living in poverty.

You wouldn’t know that to look at Lakesha now. As Outreach helped bring the community together, her family found ways to access those services themselves. They no longer have to rely on someone else. They win – and so does their community.

Please join us in fighting hunger and thirst for other children like Lakesha during Christmas in July. Go to our online shop and help families thrive by giving:

  • $45 Steady Meal Appeal – You can feed one hungry child for a month.
  • $25 Two Chickens – You can provide endless breakfasts for disadvantaged families.
  • $75 A Goat – You can benefit families with nutritious milk and fertilizer for crops.

Give a gift of joy this July. With your purchase of one of the items listed above, or any shop item by July 31, you’ll get a free thirst-quenching hydro-pouch! When you drink that refreshing sip of water from your hydro-pouch, we hope you will remember the look of joy on Lakesha’s face.

Because getting even the most basic of needs met is like Christmas for someone living in poverty. Shop today.