For years, Kay and his wife and four children lived on a salary of $5 per week. Struggling each day to feed his family, Kay finally reached a breaking point. With no other options for survival, he was forced to pull his two daughters out of school and send them, and his wife, to another village to live with relatives.

When the day came for Kay to say goodbye to his family, he was left heartbroken. His children were everything to him, but he had no alternative.

Soon after the split, Outreach International began working in his community in Kalebuka, DR Congo. Help couldn’t have come at a more critical moment in Kay’s life.

Forming a group in the community, the men and women of Kalebuka decided the best solution to their poverty was a mutual assistance loan. They knew their village was in need of job opportunities. They came to the conclusion that their food, water, clothing and housing needs were ‘demands,’ and they decided to create a market in their village by generating the supply.

When Outreach stepped in to help the community achieve this new market, it gave Kay enough money to begin a small business of his own. With a $200 loan, he opened a bread bakery.

Kay’s business quickly took off and his wife and children were able to return home. Kay can now feed his entire family and pay for his children’s schooling. They were even able to buy a small piece of land and make improvements to their house.

“Today, Kay can smile again because he knows he is able to be a responsible father and husband,” said Mireille, an Outreach facilitator in the community.

“I believe development is possible,” Kay added. “I am a living example of what can be achieved; and I am also able to help others find solutions to their problems. It’s my turn.”

In honor of your dad, help us give fathers like Kay the opportunity to provide for their families.