Kevin Prine
, President & CEO, joined Outreach International in January 2012. The culmination of a quarter century of his experience in entrepreneurship, business, and nonprofit leadership, Kevin’s life work has always been oriented toward building systems that create significant, sustainable value. Most recently, Kevin was a director and partner at Tradebot Systems and Tradebot Ventures, one of the largest and most successful trading firms in the world. Previously, he served on the faculty at two universities, where he held an endowed chair in business and leadership and built a thriving entrepreneurial center that resulted in a Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) USA national championship.  Kevin’s work in education received consistent awards for outstanding teaching, and his academic writing has appeared in national and international publications.

Kevin’s search for practical solutions to big problems is consistent throughout his career. Combining his scholarly research and entrepreneurial work in Asia, Central America, and Eastern Europe with his understanding of the principles of Outreach International — he has been a donor since 1991 — he realized that development projects alone do not address the causes of extreme poverty. Charity is most effective when generosity creates a positive ripple that grows beyond the initial beneficiary, and eliminating poverty from the planet requires change that is both viral and permanent. Outreach International, with more than thirty years of fine-tuning a deep community development process, helps forge these lasting changes around the world, each and every day. Contact Kevin Prine.

Ph.D., University of Kansas
M.B.A., Baylor University
B.A., Graceland College