Why Outreach?

Outreach has plenty of company in the nonprofit world. According to the monitoring organization Guidestar, there are currently 1.8 million active charities in the U.S. alone. With all these choices faced by our supporters, it’s important for us to stand out, and to have a clear idea of why our work is superior.

The Least of These

There are many ways we can make the world a better place. For me, the most lasting good is created when I help those who, by virtue of their position on the economic ladder, can only be described as “the least.” Our ability to create heaven on earth is matched by the hell created by our inaction.

We Are All Interconnected

More than ever, our lives are intractably and necessarily entwined with others. The little girl who is unable to attend school will never create the vaccine for cancer that saves your grandson. The little boy who lacks access to clean water will never create the symphony that brings fills the world with new and lasting beauty. In ways we can never entirely know, our health, finances, and peace are dependent on the hope that resides in people we will never meet.

The Outreach Model Works

We Outreach built our mission around sustainability long before that word was in fashion. Our belief in our approach and our work is supported by decades of experience, evidence, and expertise proving that deep beneficiary involvement is critical to successful elimination of poverty. In our role as pioneers, we have forged a path for others to follow.

The Outreach Organization is Strong

Big ideas are great, but without a dedicated, talented staff and the ability to monitor measurable progress and evaluate results, ideas alone do not change the world. As evidenced on every page of this magazine Outreach is one of the strongest-performing organizations you will find – anywhere.

So, “Why Outreach?” In our experience, received knowledge is secondary to engaged discovery. Read on, and see for yourself.

Dr. Kevin W. Prine
President & CEO