Outreach International is thrilled to continue our partnership with Dial® for another year to celebrate Global Handwashing Day. Together, our team-up will improve the lives of thousands of individuals in some of world’s poorest regions through initiatives focused on sanitation, healthy habits, and community involvement. Put your hands together for a healthier world.

Put your hands together for a healthier world.

Funds from last year’s Outreach-Dial® partnership were used to dig wells, build plumbing systems, and promote life-saving hygienic practices to thousands of our community partners worldwide— all thanks to a gift from Dial®, Outreach’s unique approach to resolving issues related to poverty, and the commitment and hard work of local residents who took a stake in their own success. Great job, everyone!

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Bolivia | Water Systems


Haiti | Handwashing Stations


India | Water Systems


Malawi | Water Systems


Nepal | Water Systems


Nicaragua | Water Systems


Philippines | Water Systems


Zambia | Water Systems


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