According to the UN, 663 million people worldwide lack reliable access to clean water.

Outreach and our partners in Malawi recently teamed up to further reduce this statistic through the completed construction of a new community water well.

We’re thrilled to share some photos with you that illustrate the collective impact and benefit represented by their successful collaboration. As with most stories that conclude Happily Ever After, there must first be a Once Upon a Time for contrast.

Before well construction:

Women at water hole in Malawi
Water issues in Malawi
Water issues in Malawi

After a lot of hard work, determination, patience:

Children at water well in Malawi
Man at water well in Malawi
Group at water well in Malawi

Boom. Life gets better forever. We’re excited to see the results of their collaboration, and we can’t wait to see all the amazing things they’ll accomplish together next.

How To Help

Keep the good news going, and the clean water flowing by donating to Outreach today. Even the mightiest river is composed of the smallest raindrops. Water you waiting for?