Outreach has been busier than ever over the past few years, refining and perfecting our unique, proven approach to resolving chronic poverty. This probably doesn’t come as a surprise, since one of the benefits of working so hard is all the fun details that emerge for us to share with you: News of new projects in our communities, increasingly sophisticated in-house tools and systems to measure our work’s efficiency and outcomes, photos of our partners enjoying healthier, more prosperous lives, and an uninterrupted stream of joyous tidbits, scattered throughout our social media and publications. We’re so proud of the results our dedicated field staff are able to accomplish alongside our community partners, and we’re always excited to share it with you, our supporters.

Outreach is thrilled to announce our newest expansion into Nepal.

It’s with this spirit of adventure and confidence that Outreach is thrilled to announce our newest expansion into Nepal. Our energetic field staff there is in place, already working to partner with communities and help them emerge from poverty. We’re positively elated at the chance for Outreach to take root in a new area of the world, and delighted to be working with the wonderful, dedicated members of our staff in Nepal.

If you’re curious as to the mechanics of how Outreach invests our experience and expertise into new countries, we wrote a whole article about it for our Annual Report. Meanwhile, we’ll have plenty more news and photos from Outreach Nepal to share with you in the future, as they settle in to their roles and get to work changing the world.

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