As part of Outreach’s process of expanding into a new country, our board of directors recently joined our president and members of our headquarters team for an expansive-yet-brief tour of the country, its people, and the unlimited potential of our new staff there. We asked board member and all-around-peach-of-a-human-being Dan Stifter for some of his thoughts on the new things he witnessed, people he met, and memories he made during his extended introduction to Outreach Nepal. We paired his insight with some of our favorite snapshots of the trip to help spread our joy and excitement over this new chapter in Outreach’s work. Ready, set, slideshow!

Board Member and Nepal Field Staff

“Nepal appears to be an excellent choice for Outreach: Poverty? Check. Needs help? Check. Smart, hardworking people who want something better for their family? Check.”

Nepal Visit

“People there are super-friendly, warm, and likable.”

Nepal Visit

“Success in Nepal means Outreach can export more of our goodness to other markets.”

Boats in river in Nepal

“Who knew that 60 miles from Everest is a temperate climate, with [food served] outdoors all year round and everything is green in winter as well. They get three harvests in per year!”

Outreach International Field Staff

“[Chief Field Officer] Dennis and [Director of Field Operations] Andrea are an amazing team. Caring matters.”

Nepal Hike

“‘Sherpa’ is the name of the area around Everest, not a job descriptor. Who knew?”

Nepal Board Members Visit

“Board meetings at 8 pm the day after a 24 hour flight are not fun.”

Nepal Field Staff

“The Outreach Nepal team was a wonderful find. The new hires are so smart it’s intimidating. What they had to overcome to get an education is inspiring.”

Nepal Board Visit

“Loved everything about the trip.”

Dan is only one of the shining stars in our constellation of glimmering board members. You can meet the rest of them here.