When it comes to our partnerships, we want to make sure our supporters are getting the most out of their giving. 100% of your donations made to Outreach go to our work in the field.

When we say “100%” we mean it: A generous donor who wishes to remain anonymous has offered to cover Outreach’s headquarters’ operating expenses. With those costs paid for at home, any money we receive from donors goes to pay for training, material needs, and all the other elements that go into empowering our partners around the world to create sustainable solutions to the issues they face.

We love working with people who have charitable hearts. Our partners’ gifts make a big impact in the lives of those living in poverty. And it’s because of our partners that we’ve been able to help hundreds of thousands of people in need.

We can’t thank you enough for all your support!

Corporate Partners

We’re lucky enough to partner with great corporations and businesses that value the importance of breaking the cycle of poverty.

Affiliate Partners

Our affiliate partners are helping us work toward ending world poverty for good.

Cumulative Giving Societies

Our supporters are making a huge impact in our communities, one family at a time. See a listing of our Cumulative Giving Societies Wall.

Legacy Circle

It takes a very special person to change the world for the better, long after they’re gone. See a listing of our Legacy Circle Wall.